Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

Raleigh, NC
"Without Humility There Is No Virtue"


Audio Visual Broadcasting

Holy Trinity Live Online Liturgy Broadcasts

At Father Paul's request, our church began broadcasting our church liturgies and Holy Week Services on the Internet back in April. The main goal was to provide an access for shut-ins and infirmed to be a part of our church family. We also have provided the broadcast in the Fellowship Hall on Good Friday and during the Easter Sunday Resurrection Service.

A team of ten (10) volunteers, rotate in pairs, each Sunday, to provide live transmission of the Divine Liturgy starting at 9:45 AM via Livestream.com, an internet website, that then distributes the broadcast LIVE to those that have signed up at Livestream.com to follow our “HTGOC” account. When a broadcast is scheduled and when it goes LIVE, the follower is notified by email. Most of the time, a liturgy or service is archived for a week in case someone would like to revisit the Livestream.com website for the previous Sunday Liturgy, gospel, memorial service or sermon. We have three cameras – two in the balcony and one at the main level for different views at various times of the services. We recently broadcasted and recorded the Hierachial Liturgy and Ordination at the Clergy Laity Conference in June of this year.

Followers can view the services on their television, if they have a ROKU or AppleTV media player, in high definition by adding the Livestream.com channel to their system, setting up the account and password, then going to the HTGOC account. They can also watch on their tablet or computer and even, smartphone by going to Livestream.com and logging in there with their email address and password.

Most of the time, the services are kept on file for one year, offline, in the event someone, upon special request, would like a copy of a service that is playable on the computer or TV.

The next generation of broadcasts to be offered to the Holy Trinity family will be to offer to broadcast weddings and baptisms for those interested in allowing friends and family too far to attend the event to see it online in the same way as the Liturgy, LIVE and to have a recording of the event in MP4 format. If you are interested in this, please contact the church office or Chris Pappas for more information.

This new broadcast ministry has been rewarding to those who have not been able to attend services as well as to the volunteer team manning the cameras and the director's table.

Take a peek at the services one Sunday when not able to attend. If you have any suggestions, difficulties in watching or comments, the team would love to hear them or get emails via the church office email address. You can even post a comment during the service, as follower, while watching.